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fitbit fitbit Watchfaces by Dalpek

For Versa and Ionic watches.

Subway by Dalpek Confetti by Dalpek BPM by Dalpek
Text by Dalpek Ben by Dalpek Heart by Dalpek
Street by Dalpek
Live Wallpapers Android Live Wallpapers by Dalpek

My new line of android Live Wallpapers is here!

Mandala Art live wallpaper by Dalpek Bling live wallpaper by Dalpek
Gyro live wallpaper by Dalpek
facer Facer (WearOs & Tizen) Watchfaces by Dalpek

I have been a clock aficionado all my life. When I was young I loved Swatch watches.
What I liked most about them was the variety of colors and designs.
Once I got my smartwatch I couldn't resist to make my own watchfaces and have a new watch every day.
You need the Facer app to use my watchfaces. Enjoy!

Tek by Dalpek
Evil Eye by Dalpek
Pumpkin by Dalpek
Frida by Dalpek
Cell by Dalpek
Nazar Eye by Dalpek
Sector by Dalpek
Ugly Sweater by Dalpek
Calavera by Dalpek
Tablo by Dalpek
Confetti by Dalpek
Creepy by Dalpek
Ultra Thin by Dalpek
BPM by Dalpek
Sway by Dalpek
Optica by Dalpek
Rainbow by Dalpek
Gears by Dalpek
Steam by Dalpek
Street by Dalpek
Fox by Dalpek
Subway by Dalpek
Ben by Dalpek
Chrystmas Lights by Dalpek
Heart by Dalpek
Moderno by Dalpek
Numeralia by Dalpek
Calaca by Dalpek
Stras by Dalpek
Arc by Dalpek
Goofy by Dalpek
Hub by Dalpek
Calaverita by Dalpek
Illusion by Dalpek
Orsay by Dalpek
Catrina by Dalpek
facer Facer Kit-Cat® Oficial Watchfaces by Dalpek

Officially Licensed by Kit-Cat Clocks
You need the Facer app (WearOS & Tizen) to use them.

Kit-Cat Sector by Dalpek
Kit-Cat Trio Sweater by Dalpek
Kit-Cat Origin by Dalpek
Kit-Cat Vintage by Dalpek
Kit-Cat Silver by Dalpek
Kit-Cat Duo by Dalpek
Samsung Samsung Gear S2/S3 by Dalpek

You can find them at the Samsung Galaxy App Store

Street by Dalpek
Sector by Dalpek
Kit-Cat by Dalpek
Indiana by Dalpek
Illusion by Dalpek
Ben by Dalpek
Watchmaker Watchmaker Watchfaces by Dalpek

You need the Watchmaker app these watchfaces.

Watchface Name
Creepy by Dalpek

Creepy by Dalpek

With Tip & Creep Action!!
Great for halloween

Ben by Dalpek

Ben by Dalpek

The Big Ben on your wrist

Pinup by Dalpek

Pinup by Dalpek

With Tip & Strip Action!!

Ben by Dalpek

Hypnotic by Dalpek

Animated concentric circles

Watchface Name
Fox by Dalpek

Fox by Dalpek

Fox sculpture by
Yunuen Esparza

Goofy klock by Dalpek

Goofy Klock by Dalpek

Inspired by the 60's
wall clock Kit

Virtual Smartwatch VIRTUAL Smartwatch v2.4

Still undecided which Pebble Time/Steel to get?
What color should you choose?
Wonder no more... try one on for yourself with the magic of augmented reality.
Download the app now, and remember you need to print out the sticker for the app to work:

Download Sticker here

Download from GooglePlay

Nice and Simple

Follow these steps to see a Pebble Time Smartwatch on your own wrist using the magic of augmented reality. Note: If you own a Pebble Steel use this image on your watch's screen to view the new pebbles on top of your Pebble Steel.

Print and cut
the sticker

Download and print the sticker. You can find it here. Then use a pair of scissors to cut the "Dalpek" square.

Tape the sticker
to your wrist

Put some tape on the back of the sticker you just printed. Place the Pebble sticker on your wrist.

Use the app to view the Pebble on your wrist

Run the app. Point the screen at the sticker on your wrist, and voila! You can change the model and color of the watch by tapping on the screen buttons.

UPDATE (14/May/2015)
Released v2.4 for Android. Many of you were asking to be able to render the new watches on top of your Pebble Steel, well now it can be done. Just download this target image and set it up on your Pebble Steel screen. The app will render the new pebbles on top of your watch with the right dimensions. The new version has better tracking. Also added watch names to the screen.

UPDATE (13/May/2015): Sad news for all of you that have Apple devices... Apple rejected the app yet again. I submitted the app with no written reference of Pebble as requested by Apple. This time the reason they give is because the app depicts a Pebble SmartWatch. I have contacted Pebble to see if they can help. I'm not planning to give up.

UPDATE (30/Apr/2015): Version 2.33 is out. I read many of your comments at google play and made some improvements: Added screenshot support. Better button placement to be able to use your device one handed. Fixed some bugs.

UPDATE (27/Apr/2015): Submitted Version 2.2 to Apple... Cross my fingers. An apple spokesman declared to Wired magazine that the Pebble rejections were a mistake.

UPDATE (27/Apr/2015): Version 2.2 is here! It fixes the issues many were having with the autofocus and not being able to recognise the sticker. Update and download the new v2.2 sticker.

UPDATE (26/Apr/2015): Android version Released!!! V2.0 now has all Pebble Time models, Pebble Time Steel included, and all of the posible color combinations. I think it came out really well. I submitted V2.0 to Apple as well... let's see what happens.

UPDATE (24/Apr/2015): Pebble gave me the go-ahead. I re-submitted the app to Apple with the necessary authorisation documents from Pebble.
Apple now says I can´t use the word Pebble or make reference to it in any of my materials. I removed the word from everything. Now waiting to see if Apple aproves it the third time around.
To be honest, I don't know if Apple will ever approve the app, so I will begin development for Android today.

UPDATE (21/Apr/2015): To all of the people interested in the app.. Thanks for the support!!
The app's status is the following: I am directly in contact with the fine people from Pebble because Apple requires legal paperwork for the app to be published. Pebble is already helping me with the legalities. I am hopping this clears out soon... Stay tuned ;)